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Social Networking Research Papers

Research papers on social networking look at the phenomena that came about as a result of the Presenter and the ease of communication online. Social networking research papers can look at a wide variety of topics that focus on any of the following academic areas of study regarding the recent upsurge in social networking:

  • The technological aspect of social networking
  • The sociological value of social networking
  • The criminal justice problem with social networking
  • The psychological aspect of social networking

Social networking occurs when like-minded individuals come together in a specific group. A tremendous amount of social networking now takes place over the Internet, as an entire world of people with similar interests can connect electronically. Sites like the following are examples of social networking websites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Social networking websites serve as the meeting place for an online community. People can socialize, communicate, and make friends on social networking sites. Individuals in the United States can use social networking on the Internet to connect with people in Norway or Japan, both expanding their social circle and opening up to learning about a new culture. Social Networking

Social networking websites

Unfortunately, There are dangers to social networking. Not every person online is who he or she may appear to be. Children are especially vulnerable to online predators that may lurk on social networking sites. Anyone seeking to meet an individual that they met online through social networking is best advised to do so in a public place.

Social networking can be fun and rewarding. It allows people to keep in touch with old friends, remain in contact with distant relatives, and feel connected to other human beings. Social networking can also be used in connection with searching for employment. With the Internet, a person’s social network can span the globe.

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