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Small Group Instruction

A model research paper on small group instruction could begin:

Small group instruction can be seen in a variety of different learning environments. Small groups are not just used in general classroom education; they are also used in military training, and in the business world. The goal of small group instruction is to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. The benefits of small group instruction include:

  1. Concentrated attention of individuals within the small group and their learning styles
  2. Closer monitoring of progress
  3. Increased classroom motivation and success
  4. Greater sense of responsibility of members

One way this is achieved is by lowering the student to teacher ratio. This reduction allows the instructor to teach to the learners’ individual specific needs. Usually small groups are composed of participants who have similar goals.

Small Group Instruction

Goals of Small Group Instruction

In general, small groups are used to increase understanding and further grasp concepts. Small groups also can help increase student motivation because learners receive attention not only from the instructor, but also from peers.

Students also benefit from the collaboration that goes on between learners. Students get to learn from each other and gain different viewpoints on subjects. Many small groups require the learners to take responsibility for their own learning.

Small groups can be permanent or they can be flexible. Flexible grouping allows students to be in groups that are specific to individual learning needs. Since flexible groups are always changing, it may be difficult for students to feel connected to the group. Permanent groups allow students to establish a role in the group; however, it does not allow for specific learner needs to be addressed at each meeting.

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