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Research Papers on Sleeping Disorders

Research papers on sleeping disorders cover a wide variety of medical health and psychology topics. Illustrate in your research paper that a sleeping disorder is a medical condition that has a variety of sources. If you need help outlining the causes, have Paper Masters custom write you a research paper on sleeping disorders.

Sleeping disorders are any disruption of a person’s sleep patterns. Some sleep disorders, or somnipathy, are severe enough to interfere with a person’s normal functioning, physical, mental, emotional, or social. Sleeping disorders can occur from a variety of reasons, including:

  • Grinding one’s teeth, known as bruxism
  • Night terrors
  • Sleep Apnea
Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping Disorder - Insomnia

One common sleep disorder is insomnia. This is when a person has difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep without any obvious cause. Insomnia can result in decreased attentiveness, fatigue, and dysphoria, the state of feeling unwell and unhappy.

Other common sleep disorders include delayed sleep phase disorder (DSPD), the disorder of the circadian rhythms that results in sleeping at socially unacceptable time and hypopnea, abnormally shallow breathing. Narcolepsy is another sleeping disorder, characterized by spontaneous and unwilling falling asleep at inappropriate times. Night terror is the abrupt awakening with feelings of dread or terror. Night terror is quite different from nightmares, and is fortunately quite rare.

The two major classifications of sleep disorders are:

  1. Dyssomnias (such as insomnia)
  2. Parasomnias, sleep disorders that are characterized by abnormal movements

Bruxism, sleep terror, sleepwalking and bed wetting are examples of parasomnias. Treatment of sleep disorders depends upon the specific disorder present in an individual.

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