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Silence Novel

In Endo’s novel Silence, Rodrigues is a Catholic priest who feels drawn to Japan to preach the Gospel to the non-Christians he knows that he will find there. In his anticipation of this unknown adventure of the heart, his courage fails him sometimes, but other times he stands firm and his courage borders on sinful pride. The quotation, in its quickness and its perceptible, “Eureka!” like sentiment, conveys the epiphany that Rodrigues has when he decides that it truly would be God’s work to preach the Gospel in Japan. He compares himself in this passage to Jesus the Christ, and in doing so he gives himself courage but he also, as stated above, flirts with the pride of man in assuming Godliness for themselves. Silence Novel

  • Endo wrote Silence in the 1960s
  • Based upon the controversy of persecuted Jesuits in 17th Century Japan
  • When released in Japan, the book sold 750,000 copies, twice that of its international release

Silence begins with Christovao Ferreira, a Jesuit Priest, renouncing his faith and missing. It is speculated that Ferreira’s letter describing the torture of the seven Japanese Christians has led to his disappearance. The letter had described how prisoners were taken to hot springs at Unzen, tied to a stake and had boiling hot water poured over them. The letter also extoled the Christians for not wavering in their faith.

Three friars were given permission by the church to go in search of Ferreira. These three friars were:

  1. Fancisco Garrpe
  2. Sebastian Rodrigues
  3. Juan da Santa Marta

The novel does an outstanding job of emerging the reader in the voyage of the friars and gives the whole experience and epic voyage feel to it. The voyage ultimately led the friars from Lisbon Portugal to Japan, despite the fact that Portuguese sailors and their ships were not allowed to enter Japan’s harbor.

Research papers on novels and historical accounts can be written by the writers at Paper Masters exactly according to your specifications. You tell our writers what part of Silence you need explained, and that is what they will elaborate on. We also recommend a character sketch of any of the three friars or on Christovao Ferreira, the Jesuit Priest that went missing.

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