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Research Papers on the Significance of Sexuality

This sociology research paper topic suggestion discusses the significance of sexuality. Michel Foucault's work will be the primary source of the essay's discussion. Custom research papers are Paper Masters specialty. The thesis statement and topic you see here is just a sample research paper of what we can provide you in research.

Significance of Sexuality in Michael Foucault

This is a research paper topic suggestion that addresses that Michel Foucault argues that modern societies have stressed the critical significance of sexuality.  In modern culture sex is seen as “powerful and sacred” (Foucault, The History of Sexuality, Vol.1). Foucault also claims that various types of sexual discourses reinforce various kinds of power relationships between different sectors of the sexual community. From the readings and lectures select two religious traditions that illustrate religious approaches to sexuality and gender. Questions to ask include the following:Significance of Sexuality

  • How do these traditions define the significance of sexuality? 
  • Do these religious discussions of sexuality confirm and/or challenge Foucault’s thesis about the central place of sexuality in modern consciousness? 
  • In what ways, if any, do they support or challenge particular kinds of power relationships?

Unlike just an overview of human sexuality, spend some time in the research paper briefly reconstructing and critically evaluating the positions taken by the authors whose work you are using, then argue for your own considered position on the issue. Have a clear thesis and make a strong argument.

So the argument you make is entirely up to you, just make sure it is strong and your thesis is clear and do not use difficult to understand language. Make sure you answer the questions mentioned in the Essay topic as you write the research paper.

 The extent to which sexuality impacts the physical, cognitive, and emotional development and well-being of humans is quite substantial. Some theorists have even posited human sexuality to be to the single most important factor in determining psychological health and social functioning. Although this rather extreme perspective remains somewhat controversial, there is a virtually universal consensus that recognizes the developmental importance of human sexuality. From birth until death, the evolution of our sexual identity impacts virtually every element of our lives. Some of these variables appear to be genetic and largely out of reach of our deliberate influence, while others seem to be impacted by our sociocultural environment, lifestyle choices, and other elements.

There is a strong tendency today in American culture to focus on the sexual activity of young adults as the only category of conceivable or desirable sexuality. Due in large part to our culture’s Puritanical roots, we seem to experience great difficulty acknowledging that human sexuality transcends this demographic category. For example, amidst the public’s mounting fears of pedophilia, the discussion of childhood sexuality and sexual development is often viewed as taboo. Likewise, the unmistakable specter of sexual development in adolescence is often regarded with a great deal of anxiety and disapproval, but the changes that take place during this period are extremely important.

At the other end of the age spectrum, the reality of sexual activity amongst elderly men and women is often negated in a youth-obsessed cultural environment that denies full autonomy to older people. However, many, if not most, elderly men and women remain sexually active on some level, and as such, sexuality is still an important component of emotional well-being in old age.

Clearly, human sexuality is a central, defining part of human life, and the complexity and pervasive influence of sexuality is part of what differentiates humans from other types of animals. This discussion will seek to offer a comprehensive overview of human sexuality and human sexual development. Because this topic is exceedingly broad, there are many analytical frameworks that can be used as a method to approach the subject matter. Any discussion of human sexuality cannot claim to approach comprehensiveness without making some effort to include themes such as the social, political, cultural, and biological factors that play a role in defining and circumscribing human sexual development.

The current discussion will employ a lifespan perspective as a methodological approach for discussing human sexuality. This analytical framework will be used to provide a sequential account of human sexuality and human sexuality through the entire course of life, beginning with infancy and concluding with old age. Throughout the course of the discussion, social, political, cultural, biological and other significant factors will also be highlighted in the discussion. Finally, in conclusion, an overarching assessment of the current and emerging significance of the study and understanding of human sexuality will be presented.

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