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Shanghai Research Papers

A common assignment on Shanghai is as follows:

After reading your research paper on Shanghai, the reader will be able to comprehensively answer at least the following research questions:

  1. What are the major elements and dimensions of culture in this region?
  2. How are these elements and dimensions integrated by locals conducting business in the region?
  3. How do both of the above items compare with US corporate culture and business?
  4. What are the implications for US businesses that wish to conduct business in that region?


Research the Shanghai and develop your own outline with annotated bibliography. Please note that your preliminary individual work is not expected to be perfect - rather a draft to demonstrate each person has researched the Shanghai and can contribute to the entire paper, not just a section of it. The goal is to learn from each other. No doubt, there will be some similarity, and that is okay.

  • Paper Masters will create a comprehensive outline of the research Shanghai, well as an annotated bibliography of at least 12-15 references (APA format) and annotations. abstract, outline, references, and annotations are required. The Numeric Outline format must be used, precisely as follows:

In this project, each student conducted preliminary research on the entire Shanghai, and then shared what was discovered with the entire team. The individual aspect did not have to be perfect, as the team process would “perfect” the final outline for submission.

  • The cover page, abstract, and 12-15 references conformed to APA format. This ensures, up-front, that the team understands the format requirement for these items in the final project.
  • The outline is designed to define and refine your Shanghai, and crystallize your thoughts concerning the academic content of the paper.
  • The annotation of references (about 150 words each annotation), while not a part of the APA format, indicates in summary format the relevance of each reference to the Shanghai and thus assists in the efficient operation of group dynamics.

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