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Sexuality and “The Other” Research Papers

Does this Sexuality and “The Other” assignment look familiar? Many professor’s assign topics just like this and our writers custom write each one. Use the guidelines below to writer your own research paper or have our writers custom write your project on human sexuality using the information you see here.

You may have heard the proposal that sex has been used as a mechanism or vehicle to create “the other” (and also by contrast, to strengthen, construct, or reconstruct the self) many times throughout history. Explain what this means. Explain how this is said to have happened, or how you think it did in fact did happen, using 5 or more historical examples and settings from North American colonial times to the present, in order to illustrate the mechanics of creating “the other”. Be sure to fully flesh out the examples by including the larger contexts, and by using dates.

Include also: Sexuality and The Other

  1. What is a moral panic in the history of sexuality, and what are all the characteristics of a classic sexual moral panic?
  2. What if any is the connection between moral panics and creation of “the other”?
  3. Can creation of “the other” be useful in an interpretation of hip hop sex gender/systems? Please be sure to discuss whether “the suits” or executives of the recording industry are creating the “other” as well.

Be sure to use D’Emilio and Freedman’s and Weeks’ analytical categories for interpreting the history of sexuality whenever appropriate. And again, don’t forget to use dates whenever appropriate.

Endnotes or parenthetical citations for sources from course materials can be done in a simplified form, i.e., just author or book & page.

Helpful list for your discussion:

  • Sexual ideologies, inc. Sexual Liberalism and religious based ideologies
  • Cultures of resistance
  • Moral Panics
  • Sexual meanings and changes in sexual meanings
  • Sexual regulations and changes in sexual regulations
  • Kinship and family
  • Economic and social organization
  • Political interventions
  • Social regulation
  • Uses of issues of sexuality for social and political control
  • Sexual behavior
  • Role of media
  • Role of consumerism and commerce
  • Role of laws and the courts
  • Supreme Court cases
  • Transgender
  • Bisexuality
  • Native America
  • African America
  • Latino/a America
  • Asian America
  • Euro America
  • Social classes, including changing class structures
  • Working class
  • Middle Class
  • Rape
  • Date Rape
  • Capitalism
  • Consumer capitalism
  • Advertising
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Market Revolution
  • Role of national politics
  • Role of international events
  • Impact of war
  • Role of the medical profession
  • Role of disease
  • Role of religion and religious revivals
  • Sexologists
  • Sex or gender power relations
  • Boston Marriages
  • Invert
  • Lesbian
  • Queer

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