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Sexual Assault - Nurse Competency Evaluation

A nurse competency evaluation research paper can include an examination of nurse competency regarding sexual assault. How to organize a research project that is a nurse competency evaluation is illustrated here. Paper Masters can help write a nurse competency evaluation and focus on any topic, such as the one you see here about sexual assault.

This research paper combined with forensic nurse consultant interviews will examine if sexual assault nurses across Alaska are maintaining satisfactory proficiency in sexual assault content and clinical skills. The main objective of this review will be to refine nursing interventions resulting in improved patient outcomes and clinical practice. Current literature and individual reports will be analyzed for strengths, weaknesses and identify any conflicting points. Conclusions and criteria recommendations that may incorporate other methods of competency evaluation into sexual assault nursing practice will be drawn based on critical analysis of the data.


  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose of Literature ReviewSexual Assault - Nurse Competency Evaluation
      1. Identify current nurse competency practice
      2. Improve sexual assault nurse examiner practice
    2. Literature Overview
    3. Why is this important?
  2. Historical Perspective
    1. Evolution of sexual assault nurse practice
    2. Role development
    3. Training and mentoring
    4. Certification
    5. Continuing education
  3. Discussion
    1. Individual literature review analysis
    2. Forensic Nurse Consultant interviews
  4. Conclusions
    1. Relevance to Nursing practice
    2. Identify gap
    3. Summarize various opinions
  5. Recommendations
    1. Nursing interventions to improve outcomes
    2. Forensic Nurse Association of Alaska report

The ability to test competency in the field of emergency nursing and health care is perhaps more relevant than in any other industry. Entrusted with human life, nursing personnel are required to be knowledgeable in a wide spectrum of medical techniques, practices and procedures. Yet there is currently no national standard for testing nursing personnel. Frequent clinical competency testing could solve an extensive inventory of problems in the emergency medical services and with pre-hospital health care in general. Competency testing provides the following: improving and standardizing patient care across the nation; offer a “refresher” in techniques and procedures not commonly or frequently used, thus lowering liability; and insure a base of standardization to measure skill levels in nurses.

Of first concern to health care professionals is the patient. It is a long-standing debate in the nursing profession whether competency testing actually improves performance with certification programs.  Professional literature seems to substantiate this claim.  However, research writers appetency they actually perform at. In addition to this assertion is the fact that certification is a vague term in nursing.  There are as many types of certifications as there are programs offered to the nursing professional. Thus it would behoove nursing professionals to establish standards that are national and all encompassing of the vast areas of medical expertise. 

Included in the testing should be a standard assessment emergency nursing knowledge, nursing specific comprehension, and a test of comprehensive use of psychomotor skills in all aspects of pre-hospital care. The nursing providers practice settings are diverse, and patient care services may differ. Basic competencies are intended to serve as guidelines for providers and assist in the design of orientation and continuing education programs. These competencies define the knowledge, skill, and abilities necessary to fulfill the role of the provider. Basic competencies relate to the description of practice and educational requirements and provide a valid basis for professional competency.

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