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Seven Years’ War Research Papers

The Seven Years’ War was one of the first major global conflicts. In the United States, it is known as the French and Indian War. From 1754 to 1763, the great empires of Europe, including Britain, France, Prussia, Austria and Russia struggled for dominance. Have Paper Masters custom write you a research paper on the Seven Years' War so that you have an expert overview of this important event in World History.

In many ways, the Continental phase was a continuation of previous European wars, pitting France, Russia and Austria against Prussia. Seven Years’ WarGreat Britain allied with Prussia. In Europe, most of the fighting was characterized by extensive sieges and protracted land battles resulting in heavy casualties. It was only the decisive and brilliant leadership of Frederick the Great that saved Prussia from annihilation.

The Seven Years’ War Treaties

Much of the fighting took place in the various colonies, as Great Britain competed with France and Spain for global trade domination. Great Britain was able to take Canada from France, as well as Florida from Spain. However, France did take control of Louisiana from Spain.

The Seven Years’ War was ended by a series of treaties:

  • The 1762 Treaty of St. Petersburg ended hostilities between Russia and Prussia.
  • The Treaty of Hamburg, also 1762, settled war between Prussia and Sweden.
  • The Treaty of Hubertusburg ended was between Saxony, Austria and Prussia.
  • The more famous Treaty of Paris (1763) ended hostilities between England and France.

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