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Ghost Writing Services

Ghost Writing Services

Ever wonder why there are so many celebrity memoirs and autobiographies? You may have wondered how so many famous individuals can also manage to produce a quality work of prose. In truth, that credit often belongs to a ghost writer, a silent but vital partner in the publishing industry. Paper Masters has been a reliable and confidential source for many ghost writing projects published today.

The Role of A Ghost Writer

Ghost writers function much like speech writers within the political realm. They prepare the words that someone else later uses to communicate with others.

In the case of a politician, a speech writer prepares statements for the leader to say to an audience. For example, James C. Humes is a famous speech writer and ghost writer who made a career of crafting the rhetoric of five different presidential administrations.

The decision to include or exclude the ghost writer's name from the cover will often be one based upon financial considerations. If the subject of the book is famous, the book may sell better with the subject's name on the cover rather than the ghostwriter's. The famous person will be more likely to be invited to appear on talk shows and other venues that will help increase publicity for the book. While an author may not like the idea of not receiving formal credit for the book, the lucrative payment that comes from a successful publication can help assuage any hurt ego.

More On Ghost Writing

In the case of a ghost writer, one author will often receive most of the credit for the ghost writer's work just as a politician would for the speech. "A ghost is just a behind-the-scenes writer who writes someone else's story, as them". Ghost writers are most often employed to complete a famous individual's personal memoirs or autobiography. In such cases, there is a clear demand for the book because of the personality of the individual subject. However, that famous person may not possess the skills required to craft a full length manuscript alone.

The ghost writer provides that needed help. In the case of a famous person's autobiography, the ghost writer will collect the information and produce a workable manuscript that may or may not be revised by the credited author. The exact requirements of the ghost writer will vary depending upon the needs of the client and the subject. The credited author may be actively involved in the writing process or the ghost writer may complete the entire book with very little additional support. The ghost writer will then receive payment for the preparation of the manuscript but may (or may not) receive formal credit when the book is finally published.

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