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Serial Killers

Crime has always existed, including the crime of murder. There are different kinds of murders that occur. Many of them are the result of arguments or disagreements between people who know each other. Some of conducted in an intense emotional moment and may between people who are related or married. Another kind of murder deviates from these, however. These are murders that take place usually between strangers and for no reason. The individuals who commit such crimes may simply murder for more personal reasons, such as the desire to live out some fantasy. Often, if not stopped, they may kill individuals repeatedly. These criminals are called serial killers. Unfortunately, the current understanding regarding serial killing is limited. This is because only the individuals who are apprehended by the police can be studied. Those serial murderers that are successful in avoiding capture are never available for examination. However, research shows that there is some information regarding these individuals, especially with regard to the various types of serial murders. The purpose of this paper is to examine the types of serial killers that appear to exist.

Of course, one of the first distinctions is the fact that serial killing is not limited to men. Women also have been serial killers. However, only a small percentage of serial killers are women . They deserve to be in a classification of their own because they commit their crimes differently. For example, women killers tend to avoid the use of intense violence. Instead, they tend to utilize poison or smother the individuals they want to kill. Women tend to be more seductive in terms of luring their victims to areas or situations where they can kill them. However, the majority of their victims are individuals that they know. Usually, these women are substance abusers and have little education, working in low-paying, low-status positions.

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