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Select an Organization for a Business Research Paper

When studying for an MBA, professors often ask for students to select an organization and write a research paper on it. Paper Masters can custom write you a research paper at the MBA level for any organization you choose.


  1. You should analyze the organizations you are working for. If that is not possible, select an organization for which you worked in the past, or one for which you would like in the future.
  2. Do background research on the organization and compile source material.
  3. Make an outline of your business organization to organize your research paper.
  4. Focus on the Analysis of the External Environment, Strategy of the organization, Any Recommendations or Implementations of future strategies.

How to Write a Research Paper on a Business Organization

Part I

Select an Organization
  1. An Analysis of the External Environment. In this section, we expect you to research and discuss both current and future external factors that will affect the strategic possibilities of the company you are analyzing. Examine and evaluate the predictions of futurists. You should use the External Evaluation Matrix as a summarization tool. Make sure you understand the difference between external and internal factors.
  2. The second task in part I is to analyze the competition, both present and future. Use the Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) as a summarization tool. Make sure that you include the organization you are analyzing in the CPM.

Strategy Analysis, Recommendation, and Implementation

Part II

  1. Strategy Analysis, Recommendation, and Implementation. The first task in part II is to analyze the effectiveness of the current strategies used by the company you are analyzing. Investigate how effective its strategies have been either in increasing the company’s competitive advantage or preventing its competitors from improving their competitive advantage. Present evidence that supports your conclusions.
  2. The second task in part II is to make a major strategy recommendation and back it up with a rationale, justification, discussion of implementation (including time line), and analysis of financial impact, including an estimate of the dollar contribution to profits and overheads. Identify and explain the ways in which this strategy will improve the strategic advantage of the organization.

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