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Research Papers on Segregation in Schools

Research papers on segregation in schools are custom written to focus on any era of segregation you need. Paper Masters can focus on Brown v. Board of Education, equal education opportunities or residential segregation that led to problems in schools and equality. Have Paper Masters help you outline any version of the segregation issue that you need.

Following the Civil War, the South attempted during Reconstruction to exclude freed men from all aspects of civil society, including schools. What were known as Jim Crow laws were legally upheld by the US Supreme Court in the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson decision. This decision made separate but equal the law for over another half century.

Segregation in Schools - History

Until 1954, blacks and whites attended different schools, which varied greatly in terms of quality. In 1954, the US Supreme Court issued its landmark decision in Brown v. Board of Education, which outlawed segregation. During the 1960s and 1970s, schools across the United States instituted policies, such as busing, that sought to integrate the educational system in order to provide equal educational opportunity for everyone.Segregation in Schools

However, school integration levels peaked in the 1980s, and school segregation has once again become the norm in American society. This new form of school segregation is not the result of discriminatory laws, but the result of residential segregation within the general U.S. population. Your research paper on segregation in schools should reflect that this new type of segregation comes in the following ways:

  • Americans have segregated themselves geographically into non-mixed neighborhoods.
  • A second force in the segregation of schools is the growth of charter schools.
  • Parents have been given the right to selectively send children to state-sponsored private schools, a trend many see as continuing “white flight.”

Researchers agree that school segregation leads to unfair and unequal educational outcomes.

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