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Secular Humanism Research Papers

Secular Humanism research papers focus on the branch of humanism that has to do with belief systems. Various schools of humanism thought can be explicated in a research paper from Paper Masters because all our projects are custom written.

Although humanism has become somewhat associated with polymorphism and sometimes is difficult to define in the context of modern societies and belief systems, today is largely comprised three schools of thought:

  1. Secular Humanism
  2. Religious Humanism
  3. Educational Humanism

Secular HumanismSecular humanism is a philosophy that touts reason, ethics and naturalism over religious dogma, which it resoundingly rejects as superstitious. Secular humanism is often held to be a rational alternative to religion, as proponents believe that ethics and morality are entirely possible without recognition of any god or divine being.

George Jacob Holyoake first used the term secularism in 1851, and many Secular Societies formed in England around his philosophy. At the same time, many movements promoting ethics grew up in the United States and England during the 19th century, so that by the early decades of the 20th century, these strains merged into the Humanist movement.

Modern Strains from Secular Humanism

Modern strains of secular humanism have attempted to distinguish themselves from both religious movements and state atheism, as pushed by communist nations. Secular humanism, while largely atheistic or agnostic, are committed to human freedom of expression and democracy, and support the right of individuals to practice religion.

There are numerous secular humanist organizations around the world. One of the largest is the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), which boasts three million members. Increasingly, religious fundamentalists have been using the term “secular humanism” in a derogatory and hostile fashion, as a threat to their values. Secular humanists, in response, characterize fundamentalists as superstitious and close-minded.

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