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Survey of Living Primates

Survey of Living Primates

This is a topic suggestion on Survey of Living Primates from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Living primates are mammals belonging to the taxonomic order "Primates." The order contains two suborders. The first suborder is composed of Scandentia and Prosimii. This suborder is composed of five infraorders: Tupaiiformes, Prosimii, Lemuriformes, Lorisiformes and Tarsiiformes. The second suborder of living primates is composed of Anthropoidea. This suborder has two infraorders: Platyrrhini and Catarrhini.

The survey of living primates demonstrates a remarkable diversity within the order. For years, anthropological researchers have been particularly interested in studying the members of the Tupaiiformes infraorder because they offer "a general impression of what the earliest forerunners of the primates were like". However, the primate order also includes the planet's most dominant species: homo sapiens. Humans are part of the Anthropoidea suborder, where they are placed within the Platyrrhini infraorder and grouped with other more advanced primates, the great and lesser apes.

However, this survey of living primates should not be considered final. New primate species may be discovered by researchers in the future. In addition, new research into known species may lead to their reclassification. Nevertheless, this basic survey of living primates offers a reliable overview of the current known of extant primates.

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Survey of Living Primates Research Papers

Survey of Living Primates Research Papers discuss the taxonomic order of Primates.

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