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Case Studies In Evolution

Case Studies in Evolution

Science courses study evolution from many different angles. One way to flush out the process of evolution is to do a case study on either a micro evolutionary process or a macroevolutionary process. Paper Masters provides these types of case studies for students in a custom written research project.

How to write a Case Study of an Evolutionary Process

To start your case study in an evolutionary process, look at the two tasks listed below, both involving the two examples of evolution. Determine if you wish to study the process from one of the following two processes:

  1. Macroevolutionary
  2. Microevolutionary

Put together your own case study on an evolutionary process (complete with the necessary citations) and be sure to include your own version of the evolutionary process.

Micro or Macro Evolutionary Views

The Greek island of Cos has a series of sediments deposited during the last two million years in a freshwater lake. The lake sediments contain fossils representing a number of snail species. Also found are fossil mussels, crabs, carp teeth among others. Scientists studying these sediments and fossils made the following observations: The size of the lake fluctuated, which lead to fluctuations in the size of the snail populations. Some of the snail species changed their shells in the course of time from smooth, thin shells to thicker, ridged shells. These evolutionary changes were especially rapid in small populations. Explain these observations in terms of the evolutionary theory.


The saber-tooth marsupial cats (thylacosmilids) and the placental saber-tooth cats (e.g. Barbourofelis) both have the impressive dagger-like canine teeth. Explain how these forms arose in the marsupials and the placental mammals in terms of evolutionary theory.

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Case Studies In Evolution Research Papers

Case Studies in Evolution examine examples of evolution in Microevolution and Macroevolution. One way to flush out the process of evolution is to do a case study on either a microevolutionary process or a macroevolutionary process.

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