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Yellowstone Bison Controversy

Yellowstone Bison Controversy

Below is a topic suggestion on the Yellowstone bison controversy. It is pro-bison, against the slaughter. The controversy involves the myth of brucellosis being transmitted to cattle, and the endless slaughter (by the Dept. of Livestock and state of Montana) of the last remaining buffalo that reside in Yellowstone nat'l park because of this myth. Have the writers at Paper Masters explain both sides of the controversy in a compare and contrast or an argument research paper. Our writers are experts in any type of writing you need done.

Bison in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park was created to provide a home for wildlife and charged with the task of protecting wildlife. One of the animal species that lives in Yellowstone is bison. Protecting bison is viewed as critical in that American policy and practices almost led to the extinction of the species. Currently, differing federal agencies, states and officials at Yellowstone are being criticized for their actions in slaughtering bison that may or may not carry the bacterial disease brucellosis. Officials believe infected bison may transmit the disease to cattle even though there is not one documented case of this occurring. To satisfy ranchers around Yellowstone bison are systematically slaughtered, including some that are not carriers of the disease and some that have not been tested for the disease. The evidence overwhelmingly indicates bison are being killed despite no valid reason for doing so. Moreover, the slaughter violates Yellowstone's moral and legal mandate to make protecting wildlife its first priority.

The current focus on giving priority to the cattle in the Yellowstone area is the same that almost led to the species extinction. When naturalized Americans began to settle the Great Plains and the West bison roamed freely. In order to encourage settlement the government encouraged the slaughter of entire herds in order to make room for cattle. According to some estimates, there were anywhere from twenty-five to seventy-five million bison in North America before western expansion.

Following are areas that need to be addressed in Yellowstone Bison Controversy Term Paper:

  1. The history of the bison in North America (population, native americans and their important, sacred relationship with buffalo, settlers and the destruction/slaughter of buffalo in the 1800's) Bring the reader up to date with the population and the last wild buffalo that reside in Yellowstone.
  2. Cover brucellosis in-depth, and the fact that there has never been a case reported of the tranmission from bison to cattle.
  3. Cover the slaughter of the bison, and the unnecessary slaughter of bison that are negative for brucellosis, as well. Please describe the Horse Butte facility where they are being taken to slaughter, and bring the reader up to date on the numbers that have been slaughtered and recent happenings (slaughters, protests, court hearings) Please stress the idea of the cattle industry playing a major role in all of this slaughter.
  4. Cover the Citizen's Plan to Save Bison and its supporters and the support of the native americans. Please bring up to date.
  5. Basically, stress the importance of the bison and the absurdity of their slaughter for such a silly reason and that we must continue to support the last free buffalo.

Websites to use as reference in Yellowstone Bison Controversy Term Paper:

  • Buffalo Field Campaign (mention this group in paper too),
  • Yellowstone official website
  • Defenders of Wildlife website
  • National Park Service Website
  • Newspapers: Billings Gazette, Salt Lake Tribune, Bozeman Chronicle all have articles
  • Please include at least 2 books as references

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Yellowstone Bison Controversy Research Papers

Yellowstone Bison Controversy Research Papers look at a sample of an order placed on an argumentative paper that is arguing in favor of not slaughtering the bison in yellowstone.

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