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Sustainability and Culture

Sustainability and Culture

This is a topic suggestion on Sustainability and Culture from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Below is an interesting way to frame your research paper on sustainability and culture is as follows:

  1. Choose one megacity from any megacity across the globe, i.e. Tokyo, New York, Dubai, Moscow, Shanghai, etc...
  2. Discuss how this system under the Western growth model measured by economic growth might impact the megacity you choose.
  3. The following views will be considered to to discuss how it impacted the megacity:
    1. housing
    2. poverty
    3. pollution
    4. population
    5. quality of life
    6. sustainability
    7. transportation
    8. health
    9. environmental elasticity

Sustainability is often defined by cultural changes that allow humans to continue prospering on earth without causing significant damage to the environment. Many of today's manufacturing and consumer practices contribute to environmental destruction. While this might allow individuals to purchase needed items at low prices, it puts a high level of stress on the resources that humans will need in the future. Numerous proposals exist for using cultural change to promote sustainable development.

Many experts point to locally and organically grown foods as a way to make human culture more sustainable. A diet high in meat consumption, for instance, uses more resources and creates more pollution, i.e. air pollution, than diets based on plant consumption. A vegetarian or vegan diet, therefore, could contribute to making human culture more sustainable.

Although government policies could contribute to sustainability, they are not often seen as cultural methods of sustainability. A cultural approach, instead, would encourage consumers to purchase products made by companies that focus on environmental efforts. A desire to use fuel-efficient cars, reusable shopping bags, and organically grown foods, therefore, would fit into a cultural approach to sustainability better than an EPA regulation that prevents companies from dumping chemicals into waterways ans stop the cause of water pollution.

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This is a topic on
Sustainability and Culture Research Papers

Sustainability and Culture Research Papers on how many of today’s manufacturing and consumer practices contribute to environmental destruction.

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