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Environmental Occupational Health

Environmental and Occupational Health Issue

The topic will be global warming for the Environmental and Occupational Health Issue Research Paper:

By now, you should be aware that public health has many aspects, each of which is interrelated. For some of you, environmental and occupational health will be the focus of your career. Others of you are building a foundation of knowledge to support your public health career. No matter where your career choice leads, having an understanding of environmental and occupational health hazards that exist in the communities you work will greatly influence your success.

The purpose of this assignment is to learn more about your community (locally or globally), while pursuing an environmental and occupational health issue of interest to you. For this assignment, you will write a 3-5 page analysis paper of a environmental health issue in the area.

Health Issue Assignment

To complete this assignment you should, select a topic or an issue covered in class of interest to you.

  • This may include a health hazard, a policy or a current practice.
  • A well-written paper will define the problem and discuss why this issue is a concern.
  • You must then suggest methods of addressing the problem, including changes to practice or policy.
  • This assignment is your opportunity to bring your background (CFH, HPM, Global, EPI/BIO, EOH) into this course, while focusing on a major issue related to environmental and occupational health. While writing this paper, keep in mind that you should question everything.
  • As you are conducting this analysis, constantly question what you are reading.
  • Ask yourself if the issues substantiated by factual data. If not, what is the purpose behind the writing (i.e. to provoke thought or to support a policy and who is to benefit)?
  • Your goal should be to have a well-balanced understanding of the issue and the impact of this problem on public health.
  • Be sure to describe the direct and indirect human, ecological and safety effects of your issue, as well as any regulatory programs that affect the issue.

All papers must be a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 8 pages, double spaced, 10-12 point ft. Margins must be no larger that 1 inch. The information that you present must be accurate and well documented. You should not use websites as the primary source for data collection and, remember, information gleaned from questionable sources should NOT be documented as fact. Provide a list of references (also not counted) at the end, in APA format, and if necessary appendices with support documents / data.

Environmental and Occupational Health Issue Research Paper:

  1. Statement of problem/issue, and key elements / background
  2. Review of current practices / policies / hazards / health impacts
  3. Your conclusions and recommendations, and effects of your recommendations. (This should be your opinion, in your words, and based on the materials presented previously.)

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Environmental Occupational Health Research Papers

Research on envrionmental and occupational health issues with the latest academic journal articles on environmental hazards to one's health such as smog, toxic waste, drinking water issues and more.

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