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Ecological Studies

Ecological Studies

When scientists look at factors that impact human health that are related either geographically or temporally, these are known as ecological studies. The first recorded ecological study took place in 1854, when John Snow studied a cholera outbreak in London and determined that the source of the disease was a specific water pump on Broad Street. Removing the pump handle stopped the outbreak. Since research papers on ecological studies involve human subjects, Paper Masters gives you suggestions on topics to write ecological research on:

  • Cancer rates in various populations
  • Disease and the environment - report correlations
  • Overfishing and coastal economies

Ecological Studies and Disease

Some scientists have undertaken ecological studies that look at rates of cancer in different countries, and have determined that various dietary substances can lead to increased risks of cancer, while other foodstuffs have a tendency to reduce cancer rates.

In an ecological study, the unit of observation is a human population, frequently a community. For example, the incidences of Alzheimer's disease can be looked at both geographically or temporally. In 1997, links between diet and Alzheimer's were first published, indicating a temporal connection that transcended geography.

Many ecological studies will look at migrant populations in order to rule out whether diseases result from genetics or geographical causes. Lower rates of disease in second-generation immigrants, for example, may indicate an environmental reason that is geographical in its impact. However, because diseases show fluctuations over time, it is important to understand that some ecological studies are subject to bias.

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Ecological Studies Research Papers

Ecological Studies research papers look at the factors that impact human health and how they are related either geographically and temporally. Scientific studies on diseases such as cancer or alzheimers look at geography and how it affects the disorder.

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