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Deforestation research papers on the environmental issue that has been in the forefront of development talks and Sustainability issues can be custom written from Paper Masters.

The deforestation of rain forests in the tropical areas of the world is a major concern. This could lead to a "greenhouse" effect, raising the world's temperatures to the point of melting polar ice caps. Whether this will actually happen is a Deforestation for debate. Another huge concern is what we might be losing along with the lush forests of the tropics. Many species of plants and animals are being driven to extinction, and their value may never be known. Does a cure for cancer or AIDS lie in one of these species? It is not an easy issue however, as developing countries battle poverty, they see their forests as a great resource that they depend on for survival. GreenPeace estimates that an area the size of North Carolina is deforested in the tropics each year, and that in 50 years at the current rate, the rain forests will be gone.

Deforestation and Economics

Two basic points of view involve economics, which drives most issues.

  1. On one side are the logging commercial interests, along with peasant farmers in poor countries, who want to make a living.
  2. On another side are people in developed nations such as the United States, who have a comfortable lifestyle and want to protect the environment.

It is not an easy issue. Even though most Americans want to protect the environment, we still buy products made by cheap third world labor, and use products that come from the deforestation of rain forests.

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Deforestation Research Papers

Deforestation term papers examine environmental research and illustrate the effects of clearing forests. Deforestation research papers on the environmental issue that has been in the forefront of development talks and sustainability issues can be custom written from Paper Masters.

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