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Schools in America Are a Microcosm of Cultures

Provided below are instructions for a Schools in America are a Microcosm of Cultures Research Paper.

As a new teacher it is important to first recognize what your own understanding and beliefs are about culture and multicultural education. To do so, you need to first reflect upon your preconceptions and then compare those preconceptions to the way others define culture and multicultural education. This will require reading and research. Finally, you will then examine your preconceptions and compare them to what you have discovered in your research.

Schools in America Are a Microcosm of Cultures

1. Create a graphic organizer (suggested length:1 page)

A. Indicate your current beliefs and relate them to the concepts of:

  1. Culture
  2. Multicultural education

2. Using your textbooks and other references, investigate academic research about culture and multicultural education. In a 1-2 page essay on Schools in America are a Microcosm of Cultures Research Paper

  1. Define culture
  2. Explain factors involved
  3. a. Factors affecting culture

    b. Effect of cultures on multicultural education

  4. Include APA format in-text citations from at least three academic resources to validate your findings

3. Now look back at your graphic organizer of culture and multicultural education. In less than one page:

  1. Compare and contrast your preconceptions about culture and multicultural education to your new understanding on the subject
  2. Reflect on how this research has changed your ideas and beliefs about culture and multicultural education
  3. Identify the impact this new understanding will have on your teaching practices

Overview of Multicultural Education:

Multicultural education means not only that students are being taught facts and behaviors conducive to living effectively in a global society, but also that the climate in the school is conducive to the global society. This paper describes some details involved in both of those endeavors, including the important consideration of subject integration, sexual orientation, family impact, and the need to prepare teachers. It also calls to the reader’s attention that, as the world becomes more culturally integrated, the issues addressed through multicultural education are going to evolve as well.

Defining Multicultural Education. Before we proceed with our discussion, we must acquire a common understanding of the term “multicultural education.” Geneva Gay lists thirteen commonly used definitions for multicultural education, so it is easy to understand that perspectives vary widely on this subject.

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