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School Violence

School violence is examined in the context of the violence that children and adolescents experience away from school, and in the context of juvenile violence in general. Since violence in schools has become so prolific, many college students are asked to do research and writing on the topic. Paper Masters can help you with a custom project on school violence that relates to any area of study. Specific topics may include:School Violence

  1. The sociological affects of school violence trends
  2. Education and School Administration in an era of School Violence
  3. School Violence - Students as victims
  4. Bullying and School Violence
  5. Causal factors of school violence

School Violence and Policy Changes

According to the Safe Schools, Healthy Students organization, the kinds and magnitude of violence encountered at school are compared to those that juveniles encounter elsewhere, and some of the effects of a range of policy changes that have been made recently are discussed with reference to the discrepancy between perceptions of the magnitude of school violence and its factual occurrence and character. Literature on the causes of school violence, and factors contributing to, the genesis of violent behaviors is reviewed, and the main theoretical approaches to the study of school violence are examined for effectiveness. Risk factors for violence are summarized from the literature, along with suggestions for effective programs to reduce and prevent violence, and practical techniques for managing a classroom with an angry student to prevent the anger to escalate to violence.

Unfortunately, the literature indicates that much of the public discourse on school violence is not informed by unbiased scholarly research and analysis. Instead, supposition and sensationalism often seem to prevail. School shootings and other spectacularly tragic incidents attract much of the attention, even though they are usually isolated and unrepresentative of conditions in the nation’s schools. In turn, the policies that emerge are often designed for crisis situations that are rarely encountered at most schools.

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