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Sandra Wilson Counseling Research Papers

How do you start a Sandra Wilson Counseling research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Sandra Wilson is a well-known Christian Counselor that uses secular and Biblical approaches in her counseling practice. Author of the book, Hurt People Hurt People, Wilson is well-respected and uses the lessons taught by Jesus Christ to encourage better life choices. Melding psychology and religion, Sandra Wilson attempts to impact through addressing mental health issues and developing realistic plans to change behavior.

Sandra Wilson, Ph.D With a strong background in research and scientific study, Wilson has focused on behavioral counseling to reduce health risks while creating patterns form improved health. The opportunities for religion and counseling to intermingle are vast and Wilson draws out the best of both worlds to develop her unique perspective on behavioral psychology. Clients are encouraged to examine stories from the Bible as well as their own life experience in an integrated method of counseling that has proven successful for many Christian Counselors.

Sandra Wilson asserts the following:Sandra Wilson Counseling

  1. Behavioral medicine is not enough to heal the hurts of the past and heal people who hurt others.
  2. Through faith in God and modern psychology, Wilson creates a holistic approach to mental health.
  3. Without God in the equation, no man can achieve a healthy outlook on life and Wilson’s counseling relies heavily on the elements of faith that lead to sound mental health.
  4. It is Wilson's contention that all humans are hurt and the Bible offers teachings and guidance that can heal even the most tormented individuals.

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