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Samuel Adams Research Papers

This is a topic suggestion on Samuel Adams from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

The life of Samuel Adams is considered a life of greatness.  It has been however, shrouded in much privacy and even a bit of secrecy. Nonetheless, historians count his life as too significant to ignore and too prominent to forget.  Samuel AdamsHis contemporaries often found Samuel Adams as extremely elusive but biographers and historians alike found a man with a certainty of conviction that would make a mark on the history of a new nation.

  • Samuel Adams has been called the “father of the Revolution”
  • In reference to his narrow Calvinistic upbringing he was sometimes referred to as “the last of the Puritans”. 
  • Samuel Adams stood out in a generation filled with numerous revolutionaries to take a prominent position as a leader in revolutionary politics.

Samuel Adams was born in Boston in the year 1722.  He was a member of an established New England family with a very religious mother and a father who was a successful business man partaking in the wide range of entrepreneurial opportunities of the day.  Of particular interest was his owning and operating of a brewery while serving as a deacon in the Congregational Church.  He also can be viewed as a predecessor to the political involvement of his son since he enjoyed his own political passions and served in many political offices such as a justice of the peace, selectman, and representative of the General Court.

Adams was privileged enough to come from a family that could afford to give him an education.  This came in the way of receiving his bachelor’s degree from Harvard College.  His formative years were very unassuming except for the knowledge that he ranked number five in his class of twenty-two.  This may be more of familial social standing rather than intellect, which was common in Adams’s day.

While the life of Samuel Adams is studied for his overall profound political insights, he did encounter his share of failures along the way.  Beginning with his early years of vocation, Adams appeared to struggled with finding his suitable niche in world of business.  His first employment in the accounting house of Thomas Cushing was not a congenial one and it may be surmised that he was indeed fired from his position there possibly due to his penchant for political interests rather than economic ones. After this incident his father lent him money to start his own business, which he eventually lost also.  This compelled Samuel to return home to his father’s brewery, which he in turn failed to maintain with financial success.  By the time he left Boston to pursue political interests in Philadelphia he was considered by his friends and enthusiasts as poor and consequently enlisted their aid in charitable donations to afford the trip.

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