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Below is the beginning of a model research paper on Sadism.

In its simplest definition, sadism is when an individual derives pleasure from the pain and suffering of another individual. This pain and suffering can take a number of forms, including physical pain, humiliation, or degradation, to name a few. Further, sadism can manifest as one taking pleasure in merely watching these behaviors take place. Sadism can manifest itself in a number of the following ways:

  1. Sadism can manifest as a medical condition.
  2. Sadism can be a psychological disorder that prevents one from having quality relationships with other individuals.Sadism
  3. Sadism can also manifest as a sexual behavior, with one being physically, mentally, and emotionally aroused as a result of the afore mentioned behaviors.

Sadism and Marquis de Sade

Historically, the roots of sadism can be traced back to the Marquis de Sade, a French writer from the 18th century. He combined erotic literature with philosophical discourse, incorporating issues of sexuality, violence, criminal behaviors, and blasphemy against the Catholic Church. Such writing was highly controversial for its time, and, as a result, the Marquis de Sade often denied being the author of such works. Today, some individuals are fascinated by the Marquis de Sade and his writing, using them as a means for understanding some of the darker elements of human behavior. Some individuals, however, are repulsed by his writing and its subject matter, seeing it as nothing more than a perverse depiction of human sexuality taken to its extreme limit. These individuals may also believe sadism is a form of abnormal behavior.

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