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Rural Violent Crimes VS. Urban Violent Crimes in America

Research papers on crime and criminology can be custom written by the writers at Paper Masters. To explore a rural sociological topic in a short research paper, choose violence crime. For example, below is a topic outline on Rural Violent Crimes vs. Urban Violent Crimes in America. Paper Masters suggests that your paper should be compromised of 3 basic sections regarding Rural Violent Crimes vs. Urban Violent Crimes in America:

  1. Introduction
  2. A review of the scholarly literature and statistics on violence crime
  3. Conclusions and implications for crime in America
Rural Violent Crimes VS. Urban Violent Crimes in America


This section should identify the rural sociological topic you have selected and provide a roadmap for the remainder of your paper. In sum, what is this paper about and where is it going? Don’t let me get out of this section without an answer to these questions.

Review of the Scholarly Literature:

This section should compromise the bulk of your paper. You will need to research the scholarly literature on the topic you select, and then based upon your research describe the important sociological issues that evolve from the literature.

  1. For example, are there important cultural influences or social institutions that shape the issue?
  2. Are inequalities related to class, race, or gender at play?
  3. In sum, what does the existing scholarly literature have to say about the topic you have chosen?
  4. When writing this section, be sure to remember this is not an opportunity to express personal opinion, but to summarize and synthesize the existing scholarly work on a topic.

Important tips for writing the literature review:

  1. Look for explicit definitions of key terms. Be careful to be clear about how researchers have defined key terms in the literature you review. Definitions of key ideas are bound to differ between research pieces. You will need to be mindful of these differences and their implications.
  2. Distinguish between assertion (opinion) and evidence. A common mistake in literature reviews is to report an author’s assertions as though they were research findings. Make sure that you distinguish between findings (evidence presented) and assertions (author’s opinion). Both are fair game for inclusion in your paper, you just need to be clear about what author’s found versus what they assert.
  3. Identify major trends or patterns in the findings reported in the literature. This section of your paper should present a summary and synthesis of the research that has been done on a topic. If a consistent finding appears across the literature you review, you should mention this. On the other hand, if there are inconsistencies across the literature, you should point this out.
  4. Identify gaps in the literature. You may well find that as you review the existing literature there are important issues that are being overlooked. You should note this, and reiterate this point when you discuss your conclusions and implications in the following section.

Conclusions and Implications: This section should achieve two objectives:

  1. Provide a synthesis of the key points and insights gained from the literature review;
  2. Discuss the implications for society, public policy, and/or future research (i.e., why this is stuff important in the bigger picture; are there important questions that remain unanswered)?
  3. You should use your informed opinion (i.e., your opinion based upon research) when discussing the implications

FORMAT REQUIREMENTS for Rural Violent Crimes vs. Urban Crimes in America Research Paper:

You must us at least 5 scholarly references in addition to the class texts (you should feel free to use the class texts as references, but you will need to cite 5 additional scholarly references as well). Your 5 required scholarly references must come from reputable sources (peer-reviewed journals or books). Additional references may be drawn from popular sources such as newspapers, magazines, and web sites. All sources referenced must be credible, and you must be willing to defend their credibility (see section below). When referencing your sources in the text and the reference section, you must follow the style guidelines of the American Sociological Association (ASA).

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