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Roy Adaptation Model

A Research paper on the Roy Adaptation Model point out that it is a nursing theory which involves careful application of methodology to determine positive and negative forces within the patient’s environment, psychological state, and social circles while undergoing healthcare treatment.  In reinforcing the positive and downplaying the negative forces, a patient’s environment is suited more aptly to recovering from illness.

Roy Adaptation Model in the Nursing profession

Roy’s adaptation model can be used in the nursing profession to ease the patient into a state of adaptability to the healthcare environment.  It is known that the patient is continually inedited with stimuli through acquired and innate regulator and cognator coping mechanisms.  Roy Adaptation ModelFour responses occur through acquired and innate regulator and cognator coping:

  1. Physiological
  2. Self-concept
  3. Role function
  4. Interdependence

In order for health to be achieved, a person must become whole and integrated with the self and his/her environment.  The nursing role in this adaptation is in regards to maintaining adaptive responses and converting ineffective responses to adaptive ones to achieve health.  The Roy Adaptation Model encompasses assessment of the following:

  • Behavior
  • Assessment of stimuli
  • Nursing diagnosis
  • Goal setting
  • Intervention
  • Evaluation

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