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A Rose for Emily Analysis

How do you start a A Rose for Emily Analysis research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

One of the most unique components of the short story A Rose for Emily is author William Faulkner's use of time. Because he does not tell the story of Miss Emily Grierson in a straightforward way, the reader is only able to see small parts of her life at a time. as a quick summary, the reader sees her as a young girl for a short time; this is then countered with her as an elderly woman. While some might find this approach to storytelling somewhat confusing and difficult to follow, it does not allow the reader to get a full understanding of the character, seeing her only as a fragmented character and increasing the overall sense of mystery that accompanies her.

Other aspects to write about regarding A Rose for Emily by Faulkner include:A Rose for Emily Analysis

  • Symbolism in A Rose for Emily
  • The Characters of A Rose for Emily
  • The Setting of the South in A Rose for Emily
  • Female characters in William Faulkner's works

A Rose for Emily - Faulkner's Approach

Faulkner's approach to this novel does allow the reader to understand one element of Emily's persona: the connection she has between the past and the present and is a side theme. As is revealed at the very end of the story, Emily has no mental differentiation between the past and the present; whether this is a side effect of madness, it is not clearly stated. She clings to the memories of a life she almost had with Homer, refusing to remove his rotting body from her home.

A Rose for Emily and Her Problems

Though old and impoverished, she still holds herself in high esteem, linking the luxury of her life in the past with the destitution she suffers under in the present. Faulkner's distorted sense of time in this story both allows the reader to see things from a unique perspective while simultaneously restricting their overall vision. Because they do not get the linear approach to a character's development, it is impossible for them to make a clear connection to Emily or anyone else. This adds to the overall mystery he has created and creates a level of depth in his characters that is not otherwise achieved in a story of this length.

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