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Romanesque Art Research Papers

During the Middle Ages, the revival of interest in Roman art led to the creation of the artistic style known as Romanesque, which lasted from around AD 1000 to the rise of the Gothic, AD 1350. Also heavily influenced by Byzantine iconography, Romanesque art is frequently concerned with religious imagery. The typical features of Romanesque art that you will want to include in your research paper are:Romanesque Art

  1. Religious iconology
  2. Use of primary colors
  3. Stained glass
  4. Abstract representation
  5. Ornate carvings

The use of striking, primary colors is one of the most recognizable feature of Romanesque art. It was during this period that stained glass first came into use, but there are very few surviving examples that remain. In painting and illustrating, this style is characterized by it lack of perspective and depth. Most compositions were intended to fit into a particular space, and emphasis was given to abstract representation as opposed to realism.

Romanesque Art from the Bible

Much of the subject matter in Romanesque art is Biblical and some of the most representative and enduring examples are illustrations in medieval manuscripts. Many surviving copies of the Gospels that were produced in Irish monasteries are excellent examples of this style of art.

Another striking example of Romanesque art can be found in the ornate carving of churches built during this period. Highly stylized works adorn the decorative spirals above arches and on columns. Many sculptures that decorated churches were produced in stucco, but have failed to survive the passing of centuries.

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