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Role of Leadership in the Development of Youth Ministry

The role of leadership in the development of a youth ministry is important when establishing a new program. The Role of Leadership in the Development of Youth Ministry has to be a positive organizational change within the organization. Writing research on how to make this change and develop a proper program for the youth, one should outline steps to success. To establish the Role of Leadership in the Development of Youth Ministry one should answer such questions like:

  • What is the role of leadership?
  • How leadership impact the development of youth ministry?
  • What is the characteristics of a successful youth ministry?
  • How can you turn around a youth ministry with a good leaders or whatever?


Research on Ministry in the Name of Jesus

At a very famous passage in Matthew 13-18, Jesus asks his disciples, “Whom do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?” Several of the disciples suggest John the Baptist, Elias, and Jeremiah. Role of Leadership in the Development of Youth MinistryBut Simon Peter says, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Jesus then declares he will build his church on the “rock” (the Greek word “petros” means rock) that is Peter. The passage is justly famous both for the use is was put to by the Roman popes, the spiritual heirs of Peter, to bolster their claims to ascendancy, and because it has been taken as Peter’s explicit, and Jesus’ implied, endorsement of the notion that Jesus was the figure predicted in many prophetic passages of the Old Testament and known to the Hebrews as the “Messiah” as well as being himself divine. This paper argues for the thesis that this idea of a Jesus-Messiah identity is wholly false, that the “Messiah” that appears in Old Testament prophecies is conceptually different from what Jesus claimed he was and that a reading of the relevant prophecies reveals that Jesus’ career in no way fulfilled the predictions that the prophets made about what the Messiah would accomplish. Despite some apparent similarities, Jesus of Nazareth was not the Hebrew Messiah.

Youth ministries often refute the point that Jesus Christ was not the coming of the anointed one. The Davidic genealogy may be real enough, but some of the other evidence that has been cited for the Messiah-Jesus identity simply does not hold up under scrutiny. The Messiah was not thought of as being the Son of God. The “virgin birth” claim is based on a misunderstanding of the Hebrew word used in Isaiah. Most importantly, the details of Jesus’ career did not fulfill the predictions made by the prophets. Jews still wait for his (not “His”) coming.

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