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Rise of the Nazi Party

Rise of the Nazi Party research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this? You can have Paper Masters custom write on the rise of the Nazi party and their sense of nationalism, militarism and desire to keep Germany racially "pure", or any other aspect of the Nazi Party's rise you wish to have covered.

Beginning in 1919, former soldier Adolf Hitler joined the German Workers’ Party, the predecessor to the Nazi Party. He, and his fellow members, possessed the following main elements:

  1. A fierce sense of national pride
  2. Militarism
  3. A Germany that was racially “pure”. Rise of the Nazi Party

He gradually rose through the ranks of the organization, changing its name to the National Socialist German Workers’  Party, or the Nazi Party for short. In 1920, the group had 3,000 members, and Hitler named himself the leader of the group in 1921. Two years later, he and his followers led a failed attempt to overthrow the government in the Beer Hall Putsch. While it might have seemed that the Nazi Party was doomed to failure and obscurity as a result of Hitler’s imprisonment, he gained a large following throughout the three-week long trial and his measly one year in prison.

Hitler's Mein Kampf

In 1925, Hitler published Mein Kampf, the tome that elaborated upon all of his radical beliefs; the ideas of nationalism, racial purity, antisemitism, and anti-Bolshevism swept through the masses. That same year, Hindenburg became president of Germany, and it again seemed as though the Nazi Party would fade away, unnecessary in a newly-stable nation. Just four years later, however, population of the group rose to over 100,000; the Nazi Party used propaganda and force to pass along their ideologies, gaining followers the entire time. In this period of time, the party increased its representation in the Reichstag, the two houses of the German legislature, and set the stage for the various actions that would ultimately cause Hitler to become Chancellor, and, ultimately, Fuhrer of the nation.

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