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Riordan Benchmarking

This is a topic suggestion on Riordan Benchmarking from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

In this assignment, you will create a rich source from which you will individually develop alternative solutions for Riordan.

Step 1

Individually, identify and research two companies that have faced specific issues related to those you identified in the scenario and connected with the course concept as indicated in the assigned readings.

For each company selected, discuss the following in a 300-word synopsis:

  1. Issue identified in the scenario that is also facing the company. The HR issues chosen should be supported by text citations
  2. How the company responded to the issue, and
  3. Outcomes of the company’s response to the issue.

Thus, each team member should have two 300-word synopses, one for each company, which provides the information identified. To avoid duplication of efforts, each team member should identify, to the team, the companies he or she will be researching before doing this part of the assignment.

Choose any two companies except for Medtronic and Marriott, Banner Health, General Electric, Sierra Health Service, Pepsi, Cola, Gemex, Sprint, Nextel, Daimler Chrysler and General Motors.

Choose any concept except for Best Practices.  

Riordan Benchmarking

Benchmarking Research Paper

Step 2

Based upon the information gathered from the individual work done in Step 1, prepare a 300-word analysis that synthesizes the key findings.

Using the two companies researched:

  1. Identify the key course concepts and cite sources to support them.
  2. Compare and contrast the practices of each company related to those concepts. Appropriately cite all references used.

Step 3

A final composition which consists of the a title page, overall analysis, the individual company synopses, and an appropriate reference page.

Format the paper according to APA style.

MBA/530 Concept Outline

Week Two? Alternative Solutions to Strategic Human Resources Problems

Outline for Benchmarking Paper

CONCEPT List/Outline

  1. Align Organizational Structures with Strategy
    1. Organizational Capacity
    2. Organizing for Success
    3. Competitive Advantage-Effective Management of People
    4. Selectivity in Recruiting Incentive Pay
    5. Employee Ownership
    6. Training and Skill Development
    7. Cross-Utilization and Cross Training
    8. Symbolic Egalitarianism
    9. Wage Compression
  2. Evaluate Recruiting and Selection Alternatives
    1. Human Resource Planning
    2. Forecasting
    3. Goal Setting and Strategic Planning
    4. Implementing and Evaluating the HR Plan
    5. Applying HR Planning to Affirmative Action
  3. Recruiting Human Resources
  4. Personnel Polices
    1. Internal versus External Recruiting
    2. Lead-the-Market Pay Strategies
    3. Employment-at-Will Policies
    4. Image Advertising
  5. Recruitment Sources
    1. Internal Sources
    2. External Sources
    3. Evaluating the Quality of a Source
  6. Recruiter Traits and Behaviors
    1. Characteristics of the Recruiter
    2. Behavior of the Recruiter
    3. Enhancing the Recruiter’s Impact

Examine the Applications of Human Capital Development with Regard to Skill Sets and Gap Analysis

  • Job Dissatisfaction
  • Behavior Change
  • Physical and Psychological Withdrawal
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Personal Dispositions
  • Tasks and Roles
  • Supervisors and Coworkers
  • Pay and Benefits
  • Monitoring Job Satisfaction

Evaluate Training and Development Alternatives

  • Attributes of the Training and Development System

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