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Richard Rorty

American philosopher Richard Rorty (1931-2007) is best remembered for his work in contemporary analytic philosophy, in which he advocated for a new school of American pragmatism. Born in New York City, Rorty received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1956, and spent his academic career at Princeton, the University of Virginia and Stanford. Paper Masters will compose a custom written research paper on Richard Rorty that follows your guidelines.

Richard Rorty and Modern Epistemology

In his 1979 book, Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature, Rorty maintained that modern epistemology, the theory of knowledge, was based on the metaphor that the mind was a mirror of external reality. Richard RortyDeparting from this metaphor meant that all of foundationalist epistemology was mistaken. Rorty believed:

Richard Rorty's Critiques

In his writing, Rorty questioned some of the most basic assumptions of philosophy, ad much of his later works were concerned with critiquing some of the most important continental philosophers, including:

Among contemporary philosophers, Rorty’s work is both admired and controversial. In Achieving Our Country, Rorty argued that the progressive Left was the best intellectual basis for achieving a better society.

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