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Response to Intervention

A Response to Intervention research paper could start:

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a prevention system that is used to provide means of intervention for students who are struggling academically. Students are identified for participation in the RTI process through a screening process. In most cases, all students in a grade level or school, both primary and secondary go through the same screening. Students are tested in both reading and math. The goal of the RTI process is to help students avoid long-term academic failure by providing students with quality, research based intervention.

Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention Tier

According to the Response to Intervention organization, the RTI preventative model has three levels in which students work through, each with a subsequent higher intensity. The levels are:

  • Tier I, students receive extra subject instruction. This can be done using research based computer programs or in small group instruction lead by a teacher.
  • Tier 2, increases in intensity. Students must be given evidence-based instruction during this level.
  • Tier 3, is the most intense and requires the teacher to provide individualized instruction for these students.

Students continue on the first level unless they show no evidence of growth. In this case students move up to the second level, showing improvement in common core standards. The same is true for movement from the second to third level.

Response to Intervention and Student Progress

Student progress is screened through routine monitoring. This screening is used to show evidence of students’ rate of improvement. This screening helps educators decide if the current level is working effectively or if students need to progress the next level for more intense intervention. School teams review the data periodically to monitor student progress. Data can also be used to help identify students with learning disabilities.

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