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Theory Critique

Paper Masters teaches you how to critique a theory in any class or for any subject area. You can have our writers write your critique or study this page closely and see exactly how to write a critique.

The questions below have been designed to help you review the key concepts of each theory. They should help you gain a clearer focus to developing your own personal theory…or it may help you decide on which theoretical approach from which you plan to counsel.

A Research Paper that Critiques a Theory Should Follow These General Guidelines:

Use the questions below to stimulate your thinking for your own critical evaluation of each of the therapeutic approaches for Theory Critique Research Paper:

  1. Key Concepts
    1. What is the theory’s view of human nature and what are the basic assumptions underlying each approach?
    2. What are the primary characteristics of the theory?
  2. Therapeutic Process
    1. What are the therapeutic goals?
    2. What is the role of the therapist?
    3. What is the client’s role in the process? What is expected of the client?
    4. What is the nature of the relationship between the client and therapist?
  3. Applications: Techniques and Procedures
    1. What are the major techniques and methods?
    2. Where is the approach most applicable?
      1. To what types of clients?
      2. To what types of problems?
      3. In what setting?
    3. What is your evaluation of the approach?
      1. What are the limitations?
      2. What are the contributions?
      3. What aspects do you like most?
      4. What aspects do you like the least?
    4. What are some specific aspects of this approach that you would want to incorporate in your own counseling style? Why?
    5. What aspects of this approach are supported in the Bible?
    6. In what ways can you apply this approach to yourself “personally” as a basis for self-understanding and practical use in daily life?

Your critiques should not be summary only; fifty percent of the critiques should contain personal evaluation, opinion, or personal application.

Reminders for the Theory Critique Research Paper…

  1. You need a reference list on a reference page at the end, or at least at the bottom of your paper.
  2. You will likely only be citing the textbook.
  3. If you draw from something else, I need to see this source on the reference list and the portions of the paper from that source to have a citation in text by it to give credit where it is due.
  4. Since the critique is not real formal and primarily based on your textbook, I do not need you to diligently cite in text in every paragraph of the paper or after every fact you include from the textbook.
  5. However, you will need to do that in the final theory paper but it not necessary here.

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Theory Critique

Theory Critique Research Papers look at one or two theories within an area of study and critique the theory in light of current research.

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