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In a speech your goal is to inform your audience as to the details of the topic.

How to Organize a Speech:
Example of Informative Speech

Your task, as is consistent with a speech, is to provide your audience the details (information) as to the proposed topic. For your speech, students should research the history and functioning of your topic. From this research you are to present an informative speech.

Choosing a Topic and Developing a Strategy For Your Speech

  1. Consider when it is appropriate for you to choose the topic of your speech and when the choice is beyond your control
  2. Identify the characteristics of a good topic and the steps involved in choosing a good topic
  3. Examine how to determine the specific purpose of a speech and how to identify the constraints and the opportunities you face
  4. Explore what is meant by strategic planning in preparing a speech and how your constraints and opportunities can be used to achieve your purpose
  5. Discover how to formulate statements of the specific purpose and thesis of your speech and how these statements will influence other strategic decisions
  6. Determine how to analyze your thesis to figure out which issues you need to discuss and which ideas need support.

Researching the Topic

To write a good speech, you must first be able to do the following:

  1. Understand how research requires strategic choices in light of your audience and your purpose
  2. Identify the kinds of material that are available to support the ideas in your speech
  3. Explore how to find supporting materials through your personal experience, interviews with others, library research, and electronic searches
  4. Describe a strategy for conducting research efficiently and productively
  5. Explain how to cite sources and how to take notes about your research.

The Goal of Speech Writing

To learn the goal of speech writing, examine the nature of rhetorical proof in public speaking and learn how it differs from proof in formal logic or mathematics. Identify the three components of rhetorical proof:

  1. Claim
  2. Supporting material
  3. Leasoning

Explore six basic patterns of reasoning, focusing on their types, appropriate tests of their soundness, and how to use them in a speech. Be sure that you learn what a fallacy is and identify both general fallacies and fallacies that correspond to particular patterns of reasoning when formulating your speech. Appreciate how an understanding of reasoning processes helps in preparing and delivering a speech and in being an active, critical listener.

Creating the Body of Your Speech

The organization of a speech is important for both the speaker and the audience. For the body of your speech, identify criteria for selecting the main ideas to include in your speech and the characters that a main idea should have. Be sure to arrange the main ideas into recognizable patterns and which patterns of arrangement you might use. Examine ways to decide how much and which kinds of supporting material you need and how to arrange the support for each idea.

You should pick a side of the issue and work to persuade your audience, through outside research, why they should support that side of the issue. For example, if a student was to research the topic of the death penalty and are to choose a side to argue. If a student decides to argue for the continued application of the death penalty they should argue their points and their reasoning for the death penalty, pointing out the positive aspects and the benefits of such a sentence. If, however, students decide to argue against the death penalty they should argue their reasoning for abolishing the sentence and the negative aspects of the punishment.

Desirable Characteristics of a Speech

Desirable characteristics of speech presentation, especially naturalness, support of the speakers purpose, and empathy with the audience. Aspects of a speakers voice can support the presentation, and consider how variety in each aspect enhances the speech. Important aspects of voice are:

  1. Volume
  2. Pitch
  3. Rate
  4. Pauses
  5. Articulation
  6. Enunciation
  7. Pronunciation

The speakers body can help make the presentation effective:

  • Physical appearance
  • Movement
  • Gesture
  • Facial expression

Using Visual Aids

Be sure to identify the main benefits of using visual aids in a speech as well as the potential drawbacks of using them. To do this, you will want to investigate the following:

  1. Examine major categories of visual aids and how each might contribute to the effectiveness of the speech
  2. Describe materials for making visual aids and address some considerations governing the choice of materials
  3. Explain the principles of preparing visual aids and of using them during the speech
  4. Consider how computer technology expands the options for preparing and presentation effective visual aids.

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