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Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are written research papers written by experts in a specific field. These articles contain current research or studies that have been conducted in a specific field. Collegiate level professors usually require students to use scholarly articles and journals when conducting their own research paper writing. Students are required to seek out high quality articles to provide the content of their own research. Not too long ago, students had to go to the library to access these articles, which were published in a periodical format. With modern technology, scholarly articles can now be accessed over the Internet.

Scholarly articles are closely related to peer-reviewed articles. Peer-reviewed articles require another expert in the field to review and approve the article before it can be published.

Scholarly articles can go through different processes leading up publication. One way that these articles get published is through unsolicited requests. This is where articles are sent to a publishing company without their prior consent or invitation. Sometimes editors specifically request an article on a topic to be written or they invite writers to submit their writing in a general all-call. Once papers have been submitted, editors comb through submissions and decide if the article has enough merit to move on to the next level. If it passes this first step, then it will be pushed on to the peer-review step. In this step usually at least two different field experts review the material for the editors. Most of the time the reviews of the article remain anonymous. The recommendations of the reviewers are sent back to the editors. It is then the editor’s decision to push the article on to publication, as it is, ask for revisions, or decide not to publish the article. The process to get an article to publication can be lengthy and take up to a several months.

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Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Articles are written research papers written by experts in a specific field that collegiate level professors usually require students to use when conducting their own research paper.

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