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Research Paper Introduction

For many people, writing is a chore that must be gotten through as quickly as possible, or avoided if at all possible. However, writing is an essential part of life. For those who believe that a senior thesis is the last piece of writing to be done in a lifetime, a rude awakening awaits. Writing should therefore, be seen as both a skill and an art form, an enjoyable process by which one’s thoughts achieve coherent permanence.

The above paragraph serves as both an introduction to this essay and an example of the topic at hand. Descriptive passages are essential in the introductory paragraphs of writings. An introduction is the attention grabber. It seeks to give the reader a reason for spending valuable time reading one’s argument. It invites the reader to explore further. Consider how much less Moby Dick would be without the attention grabbing first line: “Call me Ishmael.” A wealth of information is contained in those three words, and intrigue follows.

Descriptive passages can be forceful enough to sway a reader to one’s point of view from the beginning of the argument. The supporting paragraphs serve to reinforce the introduction with solid evidence. An introduction should be a work of art. It should serve as the literary appetizer, being descriptive in nature. Precision in language is key to the construction of a good introduction, but should not assume the importance that it must in body paragraphs.
We Know the Foundation of an "A+" Research Paper
The foundation of a research paper is the evidence or corroborating academic research that supports your ideas and suppositions. Professors look for the following in a good research paper: 

    1.    Introduction - An interesting and succinct introduction.
    2.    Thesis Statement - An all-incompassing thesis statement that clearly identifies the direction of your research paper.
    3.    Research Paper Sources - Integration of your own interpretation of the research sources and your thesis in the body of the paper.
    4.    Conclusion - A conclusion that synthesizes the research and source material, often with recommendations for further research.
    5.    Citation - Proper citation and format of material

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Elements of a Paper

With over 20 years experience in academic writing. Paper Masters understands what professors are looking for when they assign research projects, discussion posts, essays and thesis work. Let us help you succeed!
    •    What is Academic Writing?
    •    Fundamentals of Research Writing
    •    Essay Writing
    •    A Synopsis

Sections of a Paper

Paper Masters' goal is to help you become the best student you can be. Our website tries to explore all aspects of research writing and teach you how to write research projects as well as our professional academic writers.
    •    IMRAD Acronym
    •    Abstract
    •    Thesis Statement
    •    Problem Statement
    •    Literature Review
    •    Methodology
    •    Results
    •    Conclusion


Paper Masters has experience and a track record of quality that our clients and writers have come to value and trust. We accept only excellence from our writers and give our client's the quality they have come to expect, in every project.
    •    Empirical Articles
    •    Research Paper Sources
    •    Peer Reviewed Articles
    •    Literary Elements
    •    Peer Reviewed Journals

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Chicago Turabian Style Citation - Chicago or Turabian Style citation is used in research papers at the college level for bibliographies and works cited.

Citation in a Research Paper - Citation of custom research papers in MLA APA or Chicago Turabian style is standard in all research papers written by Paper Masters.

Harvard Style Referencing - Harvard Referencing is a frequently used citation method, similar to APA style, used by University students.

How to Write an Abstract - Paper Masters teaches students how to write an abstract for a research paper or report. Abstracts are either informational abstracts or descriptive abstracts that show at least the purpose, methods and scope of a project.

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Organizing Research - Paper Masters illustrates how to organize your research paper sources into an outline that will help your research paper flow right off your fingertips.

Research Paper Conclusion - A conclusion contains a summary of your research paper along with several other important elements of research writing.

Research Paper Sources - Research paper sources must be academic and available to students. Here are is a list of appropriate Internet sites to find academic sources for your research paper.

Theme within a Research Paper - Using a theme within a research paper is important in creating a cohesive project.

Thesis Statement - Paper Masters understands the elements of a proper thesis statement in a research paper. Learn from the experts how to write a thesis statement.

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Research Paper Introduction

The introduction is often the hardest part of any research paper.

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