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How to Write Concept Briefing

A common assignment for college students is a concept brief.

In order to write a concept brief, a college student needs to examine a specific topic very closely. Below is an outline on how to write a concept brief.

  • GOAL of a Concept Brief -
    • Research a specific concept using print and online resources.
    • Become acquainted with sources of library and information science literature. Describe the concept and its implications effectively in writing.
    • Use and cite bibliographic sources correctly. (APA style)
  • FORMAT of a Concept Brief -
    • Be concise, clear, logical, insightful.
      Use a Concept Brief Template: formatting, structure and sections
    • Keep the Concept Brief Short: abstract - 200 words, main body - 750-1000 words
  • Concept Brief STRUCTURE
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Definition (no page break)
    • Purpose and Implications
    • Examples
    • Conclusion
    • References (LAST page)

Individual Elements of a Concept Brief

    • 200 words maximum
    • Share major findings and make a succinct case for the research and results.
    • Present the critical findings of the research.
    • Don't repeat the detail or depth contained in the later sections of the report.
    • Briefing objectives and concept definition.
    • Summary of purpose and implications.
    • Summary of examples.
    • Closing comment or recommendation.
    • Starts new page.
    • Brief intro to the concept
    • Identify 3-4 objectives for the briefing.
    • This STARTS the body of the page and continues through conclusion without page breaks.
    • Intro through conclusion should be 750-1000 words.
    • Define the concept briefly
    • Enable the reader to understand the concept in the context of information organization.
    • Rely on professional or scholarly resources for definitions rather than on standard dictionaries.
    • Expand on the definition given in the previous section.
    • Explain why this concept (topic) is important.
    • Discuss implications of the concept in organizing information.
    • Add subheadings to this section if it hlep clarify the points.
    • Provide a minimum of three examples to illustrate the concept.
    • When possible, create your own examples to demonstrate mastery of the concept.
    • If your examples come from an outside source, however, cite it!
    • Add a subheading to this section for each example.
    • Clearly communication is how these examples help explain and illustrate the concept.
    • Provide a brief conclusion summarizing your main points on the concept.
    • Add your own opinion, prediction, or recommendation related to any issues discussed above.
    • Start a new page for References.
    • List only the sources cited in the paper.
    • Use APA (6th ed.) reference style.
    • Check references for accuracy and style.
    • Remember to use "hanging indent".

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