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How to Write Assessment Essay

Start thinking of your assignment essay with an assessment of your topic. Every good English essay will include the question "What is your interpretation of it?" After you have formed your point of view relative to the topic, describe how to fits into a larger ethical dilemma. You should do this with a paragraph that interprets the How to Write an Assessment Essay and describes the position you take can help us further understand the issues raised by the discussion around the topic to be assessed. You should begin to think about the different sides of the debate.

Divide your topics into columns to make a good assessment of your arguments. Next, make two columns by drawing a line down the center of a piece of paper. Use one side of the paper for the arguments you will use to advocate your position and on the other side list opposing argument to your position. In each column, support each argument by citing from sources. Simply listing your thoughts without evidence is unacceptable. By putting your citations in this stage, you have already begun the preliminary work on your research paper that will in Part II of the writing assignment.

You should present at least 3 arguments in each column. Then, choose one position that you think has the strongest argument and write a paragraph supporting this argument. Also, include at least one argument opposing your position in a separate paragraph.

Format for Assessment Paper

  1. 1st page: Define your topic, what is it, how do schools use it, who is it
    meant for, who uses it, etc...
  2. pp. 2-3: Summarize the three (3) articles that agree with/support your topic
  3. pp. 4-5: Summarize the three (3) articles that disagree with your topic
  4. p. 6: Summarize which side you agree with and why

Be sure to summarize the authors’ ideas by using your words not their words. Cite the names of the authors you are paraphrasing and the year of the article.

Include the references for your six (6) articles on a 7th page titled “References”.

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