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Cause and Effect

A cause and effect research paper is custom written by the writers at Paper Masters and will explore the cause and effect of any type of phenomena you need. As one of our frequent research paper topics, below we outline how to write a cause and effect paper. For more help, call us or order you project on our website. A sample project helps you understand just how you should formulate your research and how to outline the topic in relation to causes and effects.

Purpose for Cause and Effect Research Paper

  1. Thesis statement should be very clear, maintained, and insightful; thesis should be arguable assertion.
  2. Organization: Logical progression from one section to another & good use of transitions; logical sentence progression; organization planning helps convey the focus by stressing time, parts, features, or criteria. Verb tense is maintained or shifts are warranted.
  3. Development of Ideas & Concrete Support: Details are specific & concrete, they convey the focus and are appropriate to the audience; audience is consistent; appeals are insightful, adequate, and appropriate; effective lead and conclusion.
  4. Style: Varied sentence pattern and length; specific and evocative, formal diction; good use of vocabulary; no first or second person pronouns; no use of contractions.

Outlining : a checklist for Cause and Effect Research Paper:

  1. Write your purpose, audience, tone, and thesis at the top of the outlining page.
  2. below the thesis, enter the pattern of development that seems to be implied by the evidence you’ve accumulated.
  3. Also record which of the four organizational approaches would be most effective in sequencing your evidence.
  4. Reevaluate your supporting material. Delete anything that doesn’t develop the thesis or that isn’t appropriate for your purpose, audience, and tone.
  5. Add any new points or material. Group related items together. Give each group a heading that represents a main topic in support of your thesis.
  6. Label these main topic with Roman numerals (I, II, III , and so on). Let the order of the numerals indicate the best sequence.
  7. Identify subtopics and group them under the appropriate main topics. Indent and label these subtopics with capital letters (A, B, C, and so on). Let the order of the letters indicate the best sequence.
  8. Identify supporting points (often, reason and examples) and group them under the appropriate subtopics. Indent and label these supporting points with Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, and so on). Let the numbers indicate the best sequence.
  9. Identify specific details (secondary examples, facts, statistics, expert opinions, quotations) and group them under the appropriate supporting points. Indent and label these specific details with lowercase letters (a, b, c, and so on). Let the letters indicate the best sequence.
  10. Examine your outline, looking for places where evidence is weak. Where appropriate, and new evidence.
  11. Double-check that all main topics, subtopics, supporting points, and specific details develop some aspect of the thesis. Also confirm that all items are arranged in the most logical order.

Cause-Effect Research Paper Topics:
Write an essay that analyzes the cause and/or effects of one of the following topics. Determine your purpose before beginning to write: Will the essay be informative, persuasive, or speculative? As you pre write, think rigorously about causes and effects; try to identify causal chains. Provide solid evidence for the thesis and use either chronological or emphatic order to organize your supporting points.

  1. Sleep deprivation
  2. Having the parents you have
  3. Lack of communication in a relationship
  4. Over exercising or not exercising
  5. A particular TV or rock star’s popularity
  6. Skill or ineptitude in sports
  7. A major life decision
  8. Stiffer legal penalties for drunken driving
  9. Changing attitudes toward protecting the environment
  10. A particular national crisis
  11. The mass movement of women into the workforce
  12. Choosing to attend this college
  13. “Back to basics” movement in schools
  14. Headaches
  15. An act of violence
  16. A natural event: leaves turning, birds migrating, animals hibernating, an eclipse occurring

You should have an idea of which of the given topics interests you most. Suggestions for Using cause- effect in an essay:

  1. Stay focused on the purpose of your analysis.
  2. Adapt content and tone to your purpose and readers.
  3. Think rigorously about causes and effects.
  4. Write a thesis that focuses the paper on causes, effects, or both.
  5. Choose an organizational pattern.
  6. Use language that hints at the complexity of cause

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Cause and Effect

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