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Case Studies

Case Studies have specific elements that are essential in producing a quality case study. The development of the knowledge necessary to produce a strong case is critical to your success in a variety of different disciplines.

Types of Case Studies Offered
  • Business Case Studies
  • Nursing Case Studies
  • Psychology Case Studies
  • Qualitative Case Studies
  • Quantitative Case Studies
  • Medical Case Studies
  • Education Case Studies
  • Sociological Case Studies
  • Self-directed Case Studies

Elements of a Case study

Synopsis.  Each case study paper/presentation will contain a synopsis.  A synopsis is a brief overview of the case.  A written case study synopsis should not exceed 2-3 paragraphs.

Resources.  Resources are inputs into a firm's production process, such as capital equipment, the skills of individual employees, patents, finance, and talented managers.  Each case study paper/presentation will contain the resources identified.

Capabilities.  Capabilities is the capacity for a set of resources to integratively perform a task or and activity.  Through continued use, capabilities become stronger and more difficult for competitors to understand and imitate and usually lead to a competitive advantage.  Each case study paper/presentation will contain the capabilities identified.

Core Competencies.  Core competencies are resources and capabilities that service as a source of competitive advantage for a firm over its rivals.  A firm's functional skills.  What the firm does better than its competitors.  Each case study paper/presentation will contain the core competencies identified.

Findings of Fact.  Findings of fact are strategic issues discussed in the case studies and usually identify potential problem areas for the firm.  Additionally, these strategic issues are facing the firms strategic managers at the end of the cases time frame.

Strategic problem statements.  Each case study paper/presentation will identify three findings of fact.  Usually the findings of fact are one to two sentences each in length.

Recommendations/Justifications.  Recommendations are directly tied to the findings of fact.  For each finding of fact, a thorough, justified, recommendation must be provided.  How are you going to rectify the strategic problems that you have identified and why.  Additionally, this section should also include an implementation discussion.  General statements and blanket conceptual recommendations that are not fully justified with the facts of the case, are not acceptable.  The recommendations/justifications portion of the paper should be one-two pages each in length.

Case Study Lenght

Case studies are an important part of business courses, nursing degrees, and many other academic pursuits.

Length and Format.  The length for each written case study will not exceed ten pages.  Any information in excess of the ten-page limit will not be evaluated.  There is no specific format for the case studies presentations---be creative!

Research.  You must remain within the confines of the case study data.  You cannot research the firms we analyze and re-import this data into your submissions.  The reasons for this are that a case study is a snapshot of the firm and you will analyze the firm and researching the firm's current strategic position may cause you to recommend strategic actions that may not be supported by the case data.

About Paper Masters Case Studies

The basic case outline presented by Paper Masters' Writers is based upon the recommendations of most major university's case study format. While the specific requirements for a case study may differ according to the needs of a particular goal or purpose of the overview, this provides a broad, general outline that will be useful in most instances.Abstract (75 words or less)

  1. Statement of the Problem
  2. Background Information
    1. Context
    2. Relevant Theories
    3. Research already done concerning the issue
  3. Proposed Solution
  4. Solution Applied in Context of Case

Remember, not all case studies contain these elements. However, this basic case study outline is an example of what a quality, well researched case study with entail.

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