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Presentation of The Gospel To A Follower of Islam

Presentation of the Gospel to a Follower of Islam

This is a topic suggestion for a world religion course that requires an academic research paper that is a presentation of the gospel to a follower of Islam. This IS NOT to be a comparison/contrast paper, but should be a presentation of the gospel message of the Bible. Present the information in a way that explains the Biblical gospel to someone completely unfamiliar with the teachings.

This research paper should inform the Muslim of what the teachings of Christianity are without being offensive or confrontational.

Evaluation of the paper will be as follows for Presentation of the Gospel to a Follower of Islam Research Paper:

  1. Margins
  2. Appropriate Fonts


  1. Does the paper show a clear plan to present the gospel?
  2. Does the paper have clear transitions between thoughts?
  3. Is the paper written on a college level?


  1. Does the author show a true knowledge of the subject matter?
  2. Is the paper a representation of the author's approach and ideas or is it borrowed from somewhere else?
  3. Does the paper address the issues relating to the religion of Islam?
  4. Does the paper have an appropriate introduction and conclusion?
  5. Does the writer have a sufficient understanding of the topic?

Citation and Style:

  1. Did the writer follow a clear format style (MLA)?
  2. Are all in text citations done properly? (Parenthetical citation or Footnotes)
  3. Is the bibliography done properly?

Overview of Christianity and Islam Religions:

Islam and Christianity developed out of the doctrines of two men, Mohammed and Jesus Christ. The former claimed to be divinely inspired; the latter claimed identification with the deity itself. Both founders recognized the value of, and made use of, Jewish scripture. The former claimed to be the last in a succession of Semitic prophets (which included Jesus); the latter claimed to be the Messiah foretold in Jewish writings.

Mohammed's movement encountered early difficulties among the Arab tribes, in particular the supporters of the Koreas family. As his movement spread it came into contact with the Persians to the East, the Byzantine Empire in the North and West, the Berber tribes further West, and the Goths in Spain. Because of their own military virtues, and the decadence of the military virtues of their opponents, the believers in Islam enjoyed triumphs that eventually took them far to the East, North to the gates of Vienna, and up into France in the West.

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This is a topic on
Presentation of The Gospel To A Follower of Islam Research Papers

Presentation of the Gospel to a Follower of Islam Research Papers present the gospel of the Bible to someone of a different faith.

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