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Muslim World

Muslim World

When writing a research paper on the Muslim World, you may want to synthesize the research that has been done comparing the Muslim World to the Christian World. By comparing the two in an academic way, many parallels can be drawn between the two worlds as well as many contrasts. Paper Masters has writers that will write your research paper on the Muslim World. They will compare the Muslim World to another religion or simply outline the basic tenants of the religion and the culture of Muslims. Get help today from Paper Masters or let us help you get started on your comparison paper with the information you see here.

Many academic readings parallel the Bible and the Quran when discussing Christianity and the Muslim World. Christian theologians focus on Christ as an extension of God and the mind of God as the divine Logos, also known as "the word". Muslims regard the Quran as the literal word of God, sent directly to them as a speech to His messenger. The teachings were meant for a global community and not only the Muslims. This is the same as for Christians, who believe that it is their duty to spread the words of the Christian Bible to all people.

In regards to the Quran, the book is intended to serve the following purpose:

  1. To guide people through the difficulty of life in this world
  2. Show them a path to the next world.
  3. The Quran is also to serve as a mediator between God and humanity.
  4. Some Muslims believe that those that know the Quran by heart are actual interceders on the behalf of humanity.

The prophet Muhammad describes the Quran as "right guidance from error and a light against blindness, support against stumbling, a source of illumination against sorrow and a protection against perdition".

Likewise, the Bible serves the following purposes:

  1. Uses Christ as the source of guidance from error and a "light to the world" and the road to salvation.
  2. For Christians, Jesus Christ of the Bible serves as the mediator between God and humanity.

Grave warnings come from both the Muslim World and the Christian World if one turns away from the guidance that is offered in both texts.

Both the Bible and the Quran seek to explain God's character better to humanity. Muslims feel that the Quran is the revelation of God's wonders and how He is made visible to man. Therefore, the Quran does not seek to prove God's existence or make a name for one particular religious belief; the Quran serves to awaken people to the facts of God's existence and show that is undeniable. Illustrating the wonders of the world and pointing out the fact that all life would be pointless if there was no God, the Quran seeks to do this. Another reason that the Quran does not spend time proving the existence of God is that many Muslims believe that the Quran is an extension of earlier writings and revelations about God. The Quran has fulfilled and finalized what early Jewish, and some Christian, texts have eluded to concerning the existence and nature of God. Muhammad was God's final messenger and evidence of this exists because God has sent no other messenger since him.

The world is a diverse place filled with differing customs, traditions, and religions. Two of these religions, Muslim and Christianity, command a huge following whose loyalty to the religions tenants are paramount. On the surface Muslim and Christianity appear to have very little in common, however, as you get deeper into areas of rituals, beliefs, founders, and sacred objects, the two show strong mutual similarities, particularly in fundamental areas. To show this fact, a few of these similarities and differences are given below.


Muslim World and Righteous Living

In addition, both religions are based on the belief that people should worship only God and no other deity, and that God severely punishes those who break this law. Both religions believe that homosexuality and suicide breaks God's laws, and both preach that societies laws must be obeyed. Both religions also share similar beliefs about the rituals of prayer, believing that it is the means by which to communicate with God. Members of both religions believe that God hears all prayers, and answers those as he sees appropriate.

The importance of both religions lies in the fact that both provide a road map for righteous living. Although there are major and minor differences in beliefs, rituals, founders and sacred objects, both religions teach the importance of God's love as the most important of all.

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