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Hinduism and Buddhism

Hinduism and Buddhism

A Hinduism and Buddhism research paper is an examination of Hinduism and Buddhism and offers a unique perspective into how two religions with relative origins can be both diverse and similar in the key beliefs, values and philosophies that they ascribe to. Although Hinduism is the older of the two, Buddhism has its origins in the same geographical region and among a similar population. As a result, both religions have demonstrated varying degrees of assimilation and integration throughout history.

A review of the literature will demonstrate that both Hinduism and Buddhism have an ideological basis that is firmly implanted on the goal of assisting followers in developing a strong personal spiritual life over one that is manipulated by the tenets of ritualistic or socially influenced religious structures.This is in sharp contrast to many of the world's most prolific religions, which form much of their basis observing ritualistic traditions as a means to develop or confirm spirituality.

  • Both religions are largely polytheistic
  • Buddhism, unlike Hinduism, emphasizes the exemplification of the primary figure of the Buddha, neither religion submits a singular supreme being as its religious godhead or central deity upon whom life's purpose or understanding is ultimately revealed
  • Both religions have numerous sacred texts that have been passed down to followers throughout history
  • Neither Buddhism or Hinduism has a distinct holy book that serves as a guide to its principles or beliefs or as the framework for religious unity

Finally, the research will demonstrate that, although neither religion is as prolific or largely embraced as religions like Christianity, Judaism or Islam, their ideologies nevertheless offer values and concepts that are as timely and relevant as they were when they were originated. Even more, they provide a much needed basis for personal spiritual awareness and development in a world that is becoming increasingly secular-oriented.

Hinduism shares many elements with Buddhism, as it served as the foundation for that religion's development. An exceedingly ancient religious tradition whose origins date back over 4000 years, Hinduism remains prevalent and influential today, encompassing a flock of nearly 850 million believers.

Hinduism is polytheistic, involving the worship of a vast array of different gods and sacred figures. There is remarkable diversity in the belief systems and religious practices of Hindu believers. However, at root, the religion is predicated upon the belief that there is a single, moral path to take that represents the right way to live life, although that moral path is not defined in a prescriptive, precise, and consistent manner in the sacred texts associated with the religion. The overarching aim of Hinduism is to allow adherents to attain enlightenment and thus avoid reincarnation, which is a central facet of the religion. The religion has been very influential, spawning Buddhism, as well as a rich array of cultural practices that resonate throughout Asia. Today, many practices and beliefs associated with Hinduism, such as yoga, have been widely incorporated into the West

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Hinduism and Buddhism Research Papers

Hinduism and Buddhism research papers explore Buddhist beliefs and Hindu traditions. You can have a comparison and contrast religion research paper written that compares any two religions such as those practiced by Hindus or even Christians.

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