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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Research papers on Jesus Christ can be custom written by the Theology writers at Paper Masters. Any aspect of Jesus Christ, the Bible, Christianity or any religion can be ordered and written just as you need it to be.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus of Nazareth, called Jesus Christ, taught a ministry of only a few years, yet a ministry that has affected millions upon millions of people interested in Christianity all over the world since then. Jesus Christ came to earth with a purpose and to fulfill that purpose he became one of the greatest teachers ever known.

Jesus' early life until he reached the age of nearly thirty is virtually unknown. But at about that time of his life, he was called to his life's work by John the Baptist.

After Jesus Christ was baptized by John in the Jordan River, he looked up and "saw heaven being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased" (Mark 1.9-11; Matt. 3.13-17; Luke 3.21-22; John 1.32-34). John the Baptist essentially transmitted to Jesus a new concept and revelation of what Judaism was or could be. "This concept Jesus himself thereafter greatly enlarged, preaching and teaching with fire and genius to his fellow Jews in Galilee. His mission there seems to have lasted for more than two years." Michael White writes, "From a strictly historical perspective, we don't really know all that much about the ministry of Jesus. It might have been very brief, depending on which Gospel you read; it might have been as short as only a few months or as long as three years. The Biblical chronology of this ministry can be understood through the following Gospel references provided by Gordon Smith. Year One: AD27-28 (John 1.35-36); and Year Two: AD28-29 (Matthew 4.12-17; Mark 1.14-15; Luke 4.14-15). The Gospels all set the activity of Jesus in two different localities, in Galilee in the northland of Palestine and in the city of Jerusalem.

The grace of Jesus Christ can be understood, as was discussed before, in terms of salvation.Jesus Christ, or the Son, who can be understood in a Trinitarian sense as God appearing in the form of a man, came down to Earth in order to physically participate in the world's greatest battle; that of Good versus Evil. It was necessary, according to the commonly accepted argument among Trinitarians, that God came to Earth in human form and then sacrificed that human form in order to save human kind from sin and evil. The three beings of the Trinity are the following:

God, or the Father, provides eternal love (sometimes, He is proclaimed to be love) for His human creation. God loved His creation and gave humans free will so that they might love Him in return. The title of the Father is bestowed amongst God because the Bible considers Him the Father of all human kind and Christians have an eternal relation with Him.

The Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit, is also a person of the Trinity; a co-equal with God and Jesus.The fellowship of the Holy Spirit can be understood in terms of the theology that believes that the Holy Spirit leads believers towards God. The Spirit is believed to dwell inside all "true" Christians, and therefore, it joins them together in fellowship in order to worship God.According to some, the Holy Spirit also provides fellowship in a number of "gifts", including healing and speaking in tongues, which can only be performed by Christians under the guidance of this Spirit.

Jesus, Salvation and the idea of the Trinity that incorporates both of those ideas into Christian thought are the three most important concepts of the biggest religion in the world. Their understanding is vital to Christian belief, and yet, their understanding is largely absent from the majority of the world. A common understanding has never, and may never, be achieved on any of the three subjects. A basic definition of all three, however, can provide a proper groundwork for one who wishes to conduct his or her own study into the ideas of Christianity. While this study only scratched the very edge of the surface of these ideas, perhaps it has the power to inspire the deeper understanding.

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