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The Catholic Restoration

The Catholic Restoration

The Catholic Restoration is an important time period in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. The theology writers at Paper Masters will explain the history and meaning of the Catholic Restoration in a custom research paper. You tell us what aspect of the Restoration you need focused on and that is exactly what the paper will contain - guaranteed.

  1. It is the movement in the Catholic Church that followed the Protestant Reformation
  2. It is often called the Counter Reformation.
  3. The Catholic Restoration, which was carried out during the 16th and 17th centuries, was deemed essential to restoring the Roman Catholic Church after its religious abuses were exposed prior to and during the Protestant Reformation.
  4. The Restoration countered the claims that the Roman Catholic Church and its leaders had strayed from the structure of the first and true through the development of and emphasis on papal supremacy.

It is important to note the while Martin Luther might have initiated the Reformation movement official, the call for reformation of the Catholic Church first came from within by religious orders who were concerned that the Church and its leaders were becoming too worldly. The initiatives made to support the Restoration included but was not confined to placing a greater emphasis on preaching and instruction in the catechism. It also included the establishment of numerous seminaries designed to ensure that church leaders were both literate in Catholicism and morally upstanding. The Restoration also placed an emphasis on proselytizing however this instrument of counterreformation actually worked to revive the abuse of power by the Church in the form of oppressive literary censorship and a new inquisition.

A Catholic is distinguished from Protestant Christian in several ways. There are beliefs, customs, rituals, and practices that are part of the Roman Catholic faith and not a part of other religions. While many of these rituals relate to the practice of the Catholic religion, the church's beliefs also extend heartily into the realm of social ethics. The very concept of the Catholic family is enriched by a long tradition of direction from the church; for example, divorce is discouraged, as is raising children as non-Catholic when a parent is Catholic. Some of these practices even carry consequences, so that certain types of marriages and divorces prohibit a Catholic person from receiving communion, or the bread and wine that is offered during Mass as the Body and Blood of Christ.

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The Catholic Restoration Research Papers

The Roman Catholic Church is the movement in the Catholic Church that followed the Protestant Reformation and therefore is often called the Counter Reformation.

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