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Council of Trent

Council of Trent

Religion courses that study Christianity and its history often require research papers on the Council of Trent. Paper Masters has many theology writers that specialize in the history of Christianity. Have our writer custom write a paper on the Council of Trent or any aspect of Christian history you need.

The Catholic Church's reaction to the Renaissance and the Reformation was the Council of Trent. The Council of Trent lasted eighteen years (1545-1563) under five popes:

  1. Paul III
  2. Julius III
  3. Marcellus II
  4. Paul IV
  5. Pius IV

Why the Council was Important - Research Points to Include

The Council of Trent was during the time of the Emperors Charles V and Ferdinand. Councils are legally convened assemblies of ecclesiastical dignitaries and theological experts for the purpose of discussing and regulating matters of church doctrine and discipline. Of all councils it lasted longest, issued the largest number of dogmatic and reformatory decrees, and produced the most results.

The council also stated that Christ left priests, His own vicars, as judges. It is unto them that all the mortal crimes into which the faithful may have fallen should be revealed in order that, in accordance with the power of the keys, they may pronounce the sentence of forgiveness or retention of sins.

Referring to the above mentioned scripture passage, the Council of Trent felt that it was clear from the words of Christ that the Apostles had power to forgive sins. But this was not a personal prerogative that was to erase at their death; it was granted to them in their official capacity and hence as a permanent institution in the Church - no less permanent than the mission to teach and baptize all nations.

Summarizing the Council of Trent for Research Purposes

The Council of Trent can also be viewed as successful in terms of clarifying many of the doctrines that distinguish Catholicism from the emerging Protestant versions of Christianity. In addition, it can be seen as successful in eliminating many of the abuses engaged in by the clergy in the past, although the actual enforcement of the new rules and regulations took place gradually. In terms of halting the spread of Protestantism in Europe may have also had some degree of success, although it is difficult to determine whether the outcome of the Council or political events were more influential in shaping the religious landscape of Europe in the course of the next century. By the time that the Council concluded in 1563, the geographic divisions between Catholics and Protestants had been largely established, with relatively few regions converting to Protestant beliefs following the Council. This phenomenon, however, may have been due to the increasing identification of religious preference with emerging national identities at the time, which functioned to solidify the religious preferences of political units. In terms of reversing the Protestant movement, however, the Council was not successful. Although the majority of the abuses within the Church that has fostered the early development of Protestantism had been addressed, the reforms came too late. Protestantism had already taken strong root and enjoyed the support of many of the prominent political leaders in the regions where it flourished.

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