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Anglican Church

Anglican Church

In the United States, the Anglican Church flourished in the east mainly due to the "freedom of religion" basis the country was founded upon. Yet the Church did not have an easy time in all parts of the New World. The Anglican Church in Florida has traveled a very rocky road, at times struggling to survive due to Spanish influences. Missionaries established a small Church in Florida in the early days of the state's history. This Church managed to survive until the Revolutionary War. After the treaties were signed, Florida was once again dominated by Spanish influences and the small Anglican Church was abolished. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on the Anglican Church that follows your guidelines.

The Anglican Church Missionaries

Unwilling to accept defeat, missionaries requested permission to try again in 1789 from the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States. Many years later on October 7, 1821, Reverend Andrew Fowler conducted the first Episcopal church services in St. Augustine, Florida. In 1830 a Church was erected and the Episcopal religion in Florida was once again established.

The Struggling Anglican Church

Like the first attempt, this Church too had to struggle to survive. When the St. Augustine economy fell into ruins after the Revolutionary War, the Church almost perished as well. A small band of communicants managed to keep the Church alive during the hard times. Slowly the numbers of parishioners grew, stained glass windows were installed in the small building, and an organ was added.

Today the following facts can be added to your research paper on the Anglican Church:

  • 1.7 million Anglican members
  • 4 in ever 10 religious individuals in England identify as members of the Church of England
  • 85 percent of Anglicans go to church at least once a year

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